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  • When does the Camp bus operate?

    • ​The Camp bus runs Monday-Friday. We do not provide transportation on weekends, major holidays, or the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, or New Year's Eve. 

  • Does the Camp bus come to our neighborhood for pick up? 

    • Share your address, and we will let you know. 

  • What time will the bus arrive? 

    • Transportation is provided Monday-Friday. Pick up is from 6-8 am, drop off is from 3-5 pm. Specific timing will be discussed when you make your reservation.

  • Do you charge for transportation? 

    • Transportation is included in the day camp rate. 

    • For overnight Campers, roundtrip transportation is $25.00.

Food & Medication

  • Can I send breakfast/ lunch with my day Camper?

    • Please send enough food for at least two weeks. Gallon Zip Lock bags work best. Or ship the food directly to us. We do not accept individual servings of food at pick up or drop off.

  • Can we send treats to Camp? 

    • Sure we love donuts and Rice Krispie Squares. Really we aren’t picky. And treats for the pups are fine too —please label them, tho.

  • Do you charge extra to administrate medication? 

    • Nope. Our pricing is all inclusive. No charge for extra meals, raw food, cuddles, story time. 

What to pack

  • What should I send to Camp? 

    • Bring your pup and their food.

  • Can I send personal belongings? 

    • If you don’t mind if we lose it or it doesn’t come home in the same condition it arrives in — send it. T-Shirts/ Blankets from home are welcome, don’t send smelly socks to remind them of you. They don’t reassure your pup that you miss them —nobody wants to sleep with stinky socks. We provide bedding, food bowls and water bowls.

General Q&A

  • What Vaccinations are required? 

    • Distemper, Parvovirus, Rabies, and Bordatella. A Titer test may be substituted for the Distemper and Parvovirus vaccinations. Please email vaccination records.

  • Camp is open 365 days a year

    • We are closed for pick up/drop off on: 

      • Memorial Day 

      • 4th of July

      • Labor Day 

      • Thanksgiving Day 

      • Christmas Day

      • New Year's Day

  • Where does my pup sleep? 

    • All Campers bunk down in private cabins. They sleep soundly on a cot with a blanket.

  • How do you entertain our pups? 

    • Camp counselors throw balls, referee games of tug, play lifeguard, set up lure courses, play "find it" games, capture the donut hole and cheer on games of chase. We are all about fun. 

  • Does every pup love Camp? 

    • Most do. We are a lot of fun! Our Campers are introduced to Camp pals with similar interests encouraged to try new things, and our Camp counselors are constantly interacting with them. The hardest part for most pups is leaving home behind. So let's not linger with long goodbyes.

  • Do you train the Campers? 

    • We will work to support the same manners you do at home. Let that sink in. 

  • Do pups ever get hurt? 

    • We do our best to ensure that every Camper stays safe and avoids injuries. However, injuries sometimes occur. When this happens, we take appropriate action and, of course, contact the pup's parent. If the idea of your pup getting a boo-boo makes you break out in hives — say no to Camp. 

  • Do pups ever get sick? 

    • Camp is a social environment. While we do our best to keep everything squeaky clean, we can not eliminate germs and nose nuzzling. We will give you our wellness lecture before your pup becomes a Camper. We all do our best to stay healthy. 

  • How do we pay for camp? 

    • Thank you for asking. Overnight Campers pay at the end of their stay. Day Campers are billed at the end of the month (including any boarding that was incurred during the month). Speedy-quick payment is appreciated. We accept Cash, Check, Venmo, Zelle. 

  • What is your cancelation policy? 

    • Plans change. Life happens. We understand. In other words, cancel as early as possible and give us a chance to fill the vacancy. If you cancel a day Camp reservation with less than 12 hours' notice, we will charge you an aggravation fee, the cost of that day's service. Overnight boarding cancelations are handled on a case-by-case basis. We will be flexible, fair, and always give you the benefit of the doubt. We know you will do the same for us.

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