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About Us


Cole was born into the Camp Run A Pup family business. In the beginning, his responsibilities included defensive food maneuvers, teaching Campers how to use the backyard slide, and navigate through obstacles courses. In 2014 he joined the business full time. Cole currently oversees transportation, ensuring our Campers board the pup bus and safely ride to and from Camp each day. Cole loves a good spreadsheet and works hard to keep us organized and on track. We never run out of milk-bones. Fun is still an essential part of his job description. He designs and builds our K-9 playground equipment and organizes weekly Camp field trips. Cole is every Camper's favorite Uncle.



Katybeth grew up in El Paso, Texas, in a dog-centered family. She never doubted for a second that if her parents, particularly her Mom, had to choose between her and the family dogs, they would have found her a new forever home (with luck, a good one). Katybeth is the Camp Mom handling day-to-day Camp operations. If your pup is missing a coat or bandana- text her. She enjoys engaging with Campers by teaching them new things and introducing them to new activities. She speaks dog fluently.  Her life-long involvement with pups includes showing them in both the breed and obedience rings. She supports responsible purebred dog breeders, breed rescue groups, adoption and is passionate about eliminating puppy mills and pet store pups. 

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